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The Mess - "Wishes"

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Writing #1: Language: English ((Masterful)), Script: Latin (sloppy)
Written in black ink.
X-ray machine
Antibiotic cream
Strapping tape
Wound dressings
Sterile saline
Sinks in surgery and hospital rooms
Iodine solution
Ice machine

Writing #2: Language: English ((Masterful)), Script: Latin (messy)
Written in black ink.
A cremetorium or someway to respectfully dispose of bodies.

Writing #3: Language: English ((Masterful)), Script: Latin (sloppy)
Written in black ink.
Trach tubes
plastic film

Writing #4: Language: English ((Masterful)), Script: Latin (messy)
Written in black ink.
A upstairs provided pay for the subjects to cover basic needs (approx 2h per day).

Writing #5: Language: English ((Masterful)), Script: Latin (sloppy)
Written in black ink.

Writing #6: Language: English ((Articulate)), Script: Latin (text)
Written in black ink.
Something to chew on, or some, like, actual clothes.
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...machines will program the perfect harmony."
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The Mess - "Create A Song"

Post by cloworora » Tue May 22, 2018 6:36 am

Poster's note: Using a different client for these logs. It's meh either way.

Writing #1: Language: English ((Masterful)), Script: Latin (messy)
Written in black ink.
Upstairs has made us an offer, if we can get together, create our own instruments
play them, and come together to sing a song, they will provide us with the hydrogen
power cells that we need to keep Jake ticking.

So over the next few days, I would like to ask that everyone do just that. They
come up with their own instrument, be as inventive as you like with it. Learn how
to play it, and we'll come together to practise, before we present them with a
final piece. It will be recorded.

"Breathe, world, breathe...
...machines will program the perfect harmony."
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The Mess - "IMPORTANT: TOWN HALL [[OOC: 7-10 PM EST May 25]]"

Post by cloworora » Tue May 22, 2018 6:47 am

Writing #1: Language: English ((Articulate)), Script: Latin (cursive)
Written in black ink. ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════


Being stupid is wasting our time.

As a whole, the Test Subjects of the Lab are not communicating. There have been fights, verbal and physical, and there will be more, if things continue in this fashion. I am under the impression that they do not have to.

Communication is key. A Town Hall is being organized - roughly one week from this posting date. Come to me, President Michaels, for anything you believe to be of concern to the population between now and the day of, and I will put it on the list of things to be considered.

For sure, we will be discussing:
~Goals of the population
~Amendments to rules that need to be made
~Amendments to job listings that need to be made
~Contents of current notices and necessary edits to notices
~Modifications to the Lab itself
~Possible dangers to the population

This is not the time to bring up interpersonal drama or make trouble. So don't do that.

~President Tati Michaels
"Breathe, world, breathe...
...machines will program the perfect harmony."
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Post by Weasel » Sun Dec 01, 2019 1:51 am

DEATH LOG #25 (Page 1/3)

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Page 1 of 3

Dates of deaths are approximate at best.
More causes of death have been identified from medical records and journals and I have updated all the notes to reflect that.
Additional notes, comments, and statistics are on the third page.
-Su Yang

Year 38AT Deaths
NAME               |DATE         |CAUSE OF DEATH       |NOTES
Steve              |   Arc/38AT  | Murdered            |
Raiden             |   Bra/38AT  | Killed, Aggressor   |
Jake Redfeather    |   Bra/38AT  | Killed, Aggressor   | (Revived Arc/40AT)
Mundi              |   Bra/38AT  | Murdered            |
Candy              |   Bra/38AT  | Killed, Res. Arrest |
Francis            |   Bra/38AT  | Murdered            |
Red                |   Bra/38AT  | Executed, Upstairs  | (Resisted an experiment)
Fiora              |   Bra/38AT  | Killed, Res. Arrest |
Sven               |   Bra/38AT  | Executed, Upstairs  |
Crimson Waltz      |   Bra/38AT  | Remote Destruction  | (Cyborg Gladiator)
John Doe 1         |   Bra/38AT  | KIA Dread Zone      | (Intern)
Kimo Tanaka        |   Bra/38AT  | KIA Dread Zone      | (Revived Bra/39AT)
Quincy             |   Bra/38AT  | Murdered            |
Ada Schmidt        | 27/Bra/38AT | Executed, Upstairs  | (Resisted an experiment)
Jayden             | 28/Bra/38AT | Murdered            |
Rifaah             | 28/Bra/38AT | Extrajudicial       | (Killed by Zane)
"Survivor" Johnson | 28/Bra/38AT | Murdered            |
Reid               |   Cop/38AT  | Murdered            |
Liam               |   Cop/38AT  | Killed, Aggressor   |
Bo                 |   Cop/38AT  | Killed, Aggressor   |
Alex               |   Cop/38AT  | Killed, Aggressor   |
Viatcheslav Valuev |  9/Dar/38AT | Experiment Casualty | (AKA Slava, Revived Dar/38AT) 
Kimo Tanaka        | 12/Dar/38AT | Manslaughter Victim |
Andrik             | 13/Dar/38AT | Suicide             |
Arthur Quinn       | 13/Dar/38AT | Unknown             |
Brock              | 13/Dar/38AT | Experiment Casualty | (Rage implant)
Carl               | 13/Dar/38AT | Unknown             |
Finn               | 13/Dar/38AT | Misadventure        |
Jeremy             | 13/Dar/38AT | KIA Dread Zone      |
John/Jane Doe 2    | 13/Dar/38AT | Unknown             |
John/Jane Doe 3    | 13/Dar/38AT | Unknown             |
John/Jane Doe 4    | 13/Dar/38AT | Unknown             |
John/Jane Doe 5    | 13/Dar/38AT | Unknown             |
John/Jane Doe 6    | 13/Dar/38AT | Unknown             |
John/Jane Doe 7    | 13/Dar/38AT | Unknown             |
Katrina            | 13/Dar/38AT | KIA Dread Zone      |
Kiyo               | 13/Dar/38AT | Unknown             |
Pyotr              | 13/Dar/38AT | Unknown             |
Quay               | 13/Dar/38AT | Unknown             |
Reynard            | 13/Dar/38AT | Unknown             |
Sebastian          | 13/Dar/38AT | KIA Dread Zone      |
Kenji              | 18/Dar/38AT | KIA Dread Zone      |
Madveus Remson     | 18/Dar/38AT | Suicide             |
Armando            | 22/Dar/38AT | Manslaughter Victim | (Died to corporal punishment)
Sumi Kwun          |  8/Ein/38AT | Experiment Casualty |
Abraxas            |  8/Ein/38AT | Killed, Aggressor   |
Arturo             |  8/Ein/38AT | Executed, Upstairs  |
Noa                | 17/Ein/38AT | Experiment Casualty | (Drain room)
Ollie              | 17/Ein/38AT | Experiment Casualty | (Drain room)
Arg                | 20/Far/38AT | Executed, Upstairs  |
Dio                | 20/Far/38AT | Murdered            | (Cyborg Enforcer)
Calvin Whittaker   |  5/Gal/38AT | Murdered            | (Outside Auditor)
Rio                |  5/Gal/38AT | Killed, Aggressor   |
Mikhail            |  5/Gal/38AT | Killed, Aggressor   |
Nugget             |  5/Gal/38AT | Killed, Aggressor   |
Tisha King         | 23/Gal/38AT | KIA Dread Zone      |
Raven              | 22/Hip/38AT | KIA Dread Zone      |
Shanley            | 22/Hip/38AT | KIA Dread Zone      |
Eva Huang          | 21/Kep/38AT | Misadventure        |
Shlomo Shekelberg  |    Lav/38AT | KIA Dread Zone      |
DEATH LOG #25 (Page 2/3)

Code: Select all

Page 2 of 3

Year 39AT Deaths
NAME               |DATE         |CAUSE OF DEATH       |NOTES
John Doe 8         |    Bra/39AT | Misadventure        | (AKA Dummy)
Jane Doe 9         |   Cop/39AT  | KIA Dread Zone      | (AKA Lady)
Chad Smith         |  9/Cop/39AT | Extrajudicial       | (AKA King, killed by Royce)
Royce              |  9/Cop/39AT | Extrajudicial       | (Intern, killed by Ares)
Ares               | 22/Cop/39AT | Killed, Aggressor   | (Attacked Yu-Pha)
Macho              | 22/Cop/39AT | Killed, Aggressor   | (Attacked Yu-Pha)
Shu Buhui          |  2/Dar/39AT | Suicide             | (Verkin assisted)
Dorothi Portman    | 10/Dar/39AT | Murdered            | (AKA Dot, killed by Kuruk)
Ronald Freeman     | 10/Dar/39AT | Killed, Res. Arrest | (AKA Kuruk) 
Ryan Riot          | 17/Dar/39AT | Executed            | (AKA Smiley)
Johnson            |    Dar/39AT | Executed            |
Sarah Mayer        |    Dar/39AT | Misadventure        |
Verkin Getoriks    |    Dar/39AT | Suicide             |
Reese              |    Ein/39AT | Killed, Aggressor   |
Kaeo Krit          |    Ein/39AT | Killed, Aggressor   | (Attacked Sefu)
Jane Doe 10        |  1/Far/39AT | Murdered by Sniper  |
John Doe 11        |  1/Far/39AT | Murdered by Sniper  |
John Doe 12        |  7/Far/39AT | Murdered by Sniper  |
Akiko              | 16/Far/39AT | Killed, Aggressor   |
Marcus             | 28/Far/39AT | Killed, Aggressor   |
John               |  1/Gal/39AT | Killed, Aggressor   |
Rae Briggs         | 18/Gal/39AT | Unknown             | (combat trauma)
"Scapegoat" Carl   |  5/Hip/39AT | Experiment Casualty | (Limb amputation experiment)
Juana              | 24/Imh/39AT | Murdered by Sniper  |
Drahna Harris      | 25/Imh/39AT | Murdered            | (Killed by Samuel)
Samuel             | 25/Imh/39AT | Killed, Res. Arrest |
John Black         |  4/Jun/39AT | Unknown             |
Ki Ryu             | 12/Jun/39AT | KIA Dread Zone      |
James Smith        |  9/Kep/39AT | Unknown             |
Sagawa             |  9/Kep/39AT | Unknown             |
Gabby              | 10/Lav/39AT | Experiment Casualty | (Shot in the head)
Sayumi Akagi       |  3/Men/39AT | Unknown             | (AKA Miya)
Lilith Filipov     | 18/Men/39AT | Misadventure        | (AKA D'Yavol "Perkele" Filipov)
Nuan Chou          | 18/Men/39AT | Misadventure        | (Crushed in earthquake)
Hasley Hesiya      | 28/Men/39AT | Unknown             |
John Doe 13        | 28/Men/39AT | Unknown             |

It is unknown what exactly killed Rae Briggs. His autopsy report indicated a lot of combat-related trauma, so whatever killed him he went down fighting.
Lilith Filipov died from wounds sustained in the earthquake or in the following breach by robots in hunter-killer mode.
"Scapegoat" Carl was from another lab unit.
Riot and Johnson were the only two recorded legitimate executions by Downstairs authority. Both executions happened under Reuben Loewe's presidency.
Gabby may have been from another lab unit. It's unclear who exactly she was.
DEATH LOG #25 (Page 3/3)

Code: Select all

Page 3 of 3

Year 40AT, 41AT, and 42AT Deaths
NAME               |DATE         |CAUSE OF DEATH       |NOTES
Corbin Laine       |    Arc/40AT | Killed, Aggressor   |
Tsie Krowe         |    Arc/40AT | Murdered by Sniper  | (No body found)
Donna Collins      | 14/Arc/40AT | Murdered by Sniper  |
Otylia             |  5/Cop/40AT | Unknown             |
Alice              | 21/Jun/40AT | Experiment Casualty | (Protocol 467 Participant)
John Doe 14        | 22/Jun/40AT | Experiment Casualty | (Protocol 467 Participant)
John Doe 15        | 22/Jun/40AT | Experiment Casualty | (Protocol 467 Participant)
John Doe 16        | 22/Jun/40AT | Experiment Casualty | (Protocol 467 Participant)
John Doe 17        | 22/Jun/40AT | Experiment Casualty | (Protocol 467 Participant)
John Doe 18        | 22/Jun/40AT | Experiment Casualty | (Protocol 467 Participant)
John Doe 19        | 22/Jun/40AT | Experiment Casualty | (Protocol 467 Participant)
John Doe 20        | 22/Jun/40AT | Experiment Casualty | (Protocol 467 Participant)
John Doe 21        | 22/Jun/40AT | Experiment Casualty | (Protocol 467 Participant)
John Doe 22        | 22/Jun/40AT | Experiment Casualty | (Protocol 467 Participant)
John Doe 23        | 22/Jun/40AT | Experiment Casualty | (Protocol 467 Participant)
John Doe 24        | 22/Jun/40AT | Experiment Casualty | (Protocol 467 Participant)
Jake Redfeather    | 22/Men/41AT | Unknown             |
Eun Min            | 11/Men/42AT | Misadventure        | (Drowning Victim)
Sefu Egwu          | 11/Men/42AT | Misadventure        | (Drowning Victim)
Jane Doe 25        | 11/Men/42AT | Misadventure        | (Drowning Victim)
Jane Doe 26        | 11/Men/42AT | Misadventure        | (Drowning Victim)

Year 43AT Deaths
NAME               |DATE         |CAUSE OF DEATH       |NOTES
John/Jane Doe 27   | 19/Arc/43AT | Unknown             | (Found in test chamber)
John/Jane Doe 28   | 19/Arc/43AT | Unknown             | (Skull found in office)
John/Jane Doe 29   | 19/Arc/43AT | Unknown             | (Skull found in Sefu's room)
John/Jane Doe 30   | 22/Arc/43AT | KIA Dread Zone      | (Found by Power Plant)
John/Jane Doe 31   |  4/Bra/43AT | KIA Dread Zone      | (Found by Maintenance Bay)
Dieter             | 17/Cop/43AT | KIA Dread Zone      | (Found in Maintenance Bay)

Eun Min, Sefu Egwu, and Jane Doe 26 were discovered in the pond in various states of undress. There were no signs of trauma on the bodies, and all of them had water in the lungs. The theory is one of them got into trouble in the pond, the others attempted to help and got into trouble themselves.

John/Jane Does 27 through 31 were long rotted away. The dates those deaths are recorded on reflect the day the bodies were discovered. Actual dates of death were at a minimum several months prior, and could have been years ago. Doe 28 is interesting because he or she had an unusually heavy skull, 20 kilograms in mass. Doe 27 was found in a pile of amputated limbs, a matched set of left and right legs and forearms from some other individual.

The majority of deaths with a known cause were due to people starting fights to the death or resisting arrest by legitimate authority. Executions by the Downstairs are rare: both recorded legitimate executions by Downstairs authority happened under Reuben Loewe's presidency.

Deaths by misadventure account for deaths due to collapsing masonry, bleeding out from injuries sustained during a disaster, deaths due to being mauled by robot dogs, drowning, or deaths that were only reported as "accidents."

By far the majority of Experiment Casualties were due to the Protocol 467 experiment.

There were 123 recorded deaths:
11 Murders
 6 Murdered by the Sniper
21 Killings
 5 Executions by Upstairs authority
 2 Executions by Downstairs authority
 3 Extrajudicial Killings
15 Dread Zone Deaths
 7 Experiment Casualties (Various Experiments)
12 Experiment Casualties (Protocol 467)
24 Unknown Causes of Death
 2 Manslaughters
 4 Suicides
10 Deaths to Misadventure
 1 Remote Destruction
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Happy New Year

Post by Weasel » Sun Dec 01, 2019 1:53 am

NEWS: Happy New Year

Writing #1: Language: English (Conversant), Script: Latin (Ornate)
Written in black ink.
News: Happy New Year

1 Archimedes, Year 43 AT

Happy new year everyone. If you can read this, if you are here, you made it to see another year. That's something you
can celebrate. Don't celebrate it with a swim in the pond, I don't want to pull more bodies out.

-Su Yang
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Post by Weasel » Fri Dec 13, 2019 4:02 pm

Notice to Downstairs Population: Formation of New Government

16 Brahe, Year 43AT

This is an open letter to everyone.

When effective government in the Downstairs fails the population crashes. This is historic fact. It happened twice: in the two months following when the first council failed after the Audit Day of 5 Galileo 38AT, and again over a longer period after the earthquake of 18 Mendel 39AT.

We want to make a form of government that can survive losing leaders. We, the Minimalists, have a draft of a governing document which may be resilient. The document was originally created by Eun Min and has been edited by The Good Guys. It is available in full for your review.

Everyone, no matter how long they've been here or what they have done before, is invited to come and comment on the document before we make it effective. Please write in the blank pages in the notebook with your comments and ideas.

In particular the following people are requested to please comment:

Akane Akagi
Irraba Banks
Briar Benedict
Esperanza Cardoso
Montgomery Cooper
Tsewang Dhompa
Zeke Evans
Ruby Fontaine
Duncan "Dunk" Harris
Reuben Loewe
Tasha "Tati" Michaels
Sasha Samson
Robert Strong
Yu-pha Suttipong
Rosa Torres
Nick Willows

You all have known experience in governance, having been in elected/assigned/declared leadership or enforcement positions. Your insights and input would be most appreciated and would be seriously considered. It is understood that most of you are likely not able to attend, and indeed will be completely unaware of our new government until you happen to be returned to the population somehow. Should you read this at some future date you are still invited to participate. That is one of the fundamental ideas the governing document is based on.

While the document will remain in the mess hall for the foreseeable future, we will convene to ratify the governing document, select a chief invigilator to begin the election process formally, and will begin convening juries to address our evolving situation in short order.

Su Yang, Minimalist

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The History of The Lab: Downstairs

Post by Weasel » Sun Jan 05, 2020 5:50 am

NEWS: The History of the Lab: Downstairs

I've compiled 150 different documents and excerpts from larger works into a coherent narrative. This is the History of the Lab: Downstairs. It's 73 pages of handwritten material copied into a single notebook. You can find it in the Messhall right now, and later in the Library.

-Su Yang

Here's a sample of excerpts:
"Excerpts from NOTES: Maximus (page one, Mandarin)" - Circa 38AT
[Author: Eva Huang]
[Translator: Su Yang]
...Regardless, Maximus absolutely showed the ability to interface with the AI. Doing so would cause his body physical stress: nosebleeds, dizziness, fainting... his body showed signs of malnutrition and sleep deprivation. He stated his ability to hear the AI was strongest when the MechaSun in Eden was up, particularly when it was at its zenith. Noon therefore was the best time for him to get any sort of answers.

"Excerpt from Eva Huang's Notes: Madison Mullis" - Circa 38AT
[Author: Eva Huang]
[Translator: Su Yang]
Madison: Worthy of a section of notes just for her, due to her circumstances. Yagami's senior intern. Marked for non-lethal experimentation only, a distinct exception for any of the First Wave. Originally up for promotion to general scientist from senior intern, but something went wrong. Madison indicates Jake told her that Dickerson had something to do with this. Stayed in the pods for a much shorter duration than is standard (a few days, versus weeks or months) which makes it more likely her memory will be jogged more quickly than the others. Shorter periods in the pods are apparently concurrent with less effective amnesia. Although marked for non-lethal experimentation...

"Excerpt from Ao Wei's Report to Eva Huang" - Mid-Faraday, 38AT
[Author: Ao Wei]
[Translator: Su Yang]
Those marked with a * will have to be reported if we side with upstairs...
- Entities (known to me, listing Council first):
-*Bertha. Chip in her head. Member of the Council, Russian fighter. Blunt, to the point. She's not stupid, but she misses subtle things easily. Listens to Jia [Eva], or at least respects her opinion. Will vote fight, because she thinks that's the only way to survive. Weakness: incapable of understanding subtle, probably not going to cooperate with the inspection. She's likely to kill an inspector too, but seems overall sympathetic to volunteer cause/unwilling to execute Mikhail. Strengths: Physical, fighter. Willing to protect 'her own', but with self-preservation aimed at those she considers hers. Vulnerabilities, that chip in her head. Who knows what it does, or when it gets used? She can't really be trusted with it in there, but we don't have a choice. If we do anything other than going along (and giving her name to upstairs), we have to use/work with Bertha...

"Excerpt from Hello???" - Mid-Brahe, 39AT
[In reply to a public posting by Titus Pendragon, Eun Min, and Sarah, where the three were leaving greetings:]
[Author: D'yavol Filipov]
Hi! My name is PeRkElE. I've been here longer than anyone that I know that is still living here. As far as I know, I was born here...
...I also pushed Sven to join the Council, Bertha to join the Council, and once had 7 pairs of underwear from all the dead women I secretly admired until I lost them when someone told me that was a weird thing to do. Who knew? I didn't...

"Excerpt from The Ask Who And What of President Perkele" - 2 Hippocrates, 39AT
[Author: D'yavol Filipov]
Hey, babies!

It's your old pal, President Double Devil here. You wanna know who to ask what about which in my cabinet? I'm glad you do. An invested society is a happy society. This should cover it for you...

"PROTOCOL 467-R" - Mid-Kepler, 40AT
[Author: Astrid Eklund]
Eun and I were attacked in P467-R. We hid in the OR, but the door was bashed by four bots. We ran, hid in our room but it was the same. Both Eun and I took skull fractures fighting with the machines, but won. Please be careful. We're not sure what happens if you comply...

5th Darwin 43AT

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