Quick Update

Here’s where we’re sitting, in terms of building required to get LabMUD open to player characters:

  1. Progs (15 or so, of varying difficulty.)
  2. Set up forage system.
  3. Build two/three more NPCs.
  4. Fix time/celestial object issues.
  5. Complete helpfiles (at least the basic ones.)

Obviously the opening of the game still hinges on combat being in in its most basic form, but that’s up to Japheth. From a building perspective, things are getting pretty spare… And that’s even with me making up work for myself to feel accomplished. Arguably, #4 is a bug, and requires some digging around in the code to sort out. #1 and #2 will take the most time. #3 will probably take an hour, hour and a half or so, tops. #5 may require some work as well to flesh out fully.


There are a total of 423 rooms, 115 items and 3 NPCs built.

In terms of number of rooms, that should be relatively stable now come launch. Items will uptick a bit, as I’ll need to put 20 or so in for foraging to¬†feel varied, and the number of NPCs will increase slightly.

Anyway, we’re still (hopefully) on track for a mid-April release. Won’t likely be in time for an April 1st launch but… well, I can dream.