Milestone: 365 Days Played

Earlier this week we officially passed the combined 365 days played mark, which is to say you all have officially racked up a year of time connected to the MUD in just the first 4 weeks of being open. You bunch of addicts!

Seriously though, we have been absolutely chuffed with the level of interest and support, and it has been good to see consistent 20-30 numbers during peak hours.

In that time, you guys have helped find literally hundreds of bugs and made innumerable suggestions that we never could have achieved on our own. I’m happy to say that we¬†mostly seem to be marking off additional areas of the code as either functionally complete or known to be stable / approximately bug free, which is fantastic.

There are of course plenty of existing and known bugs to work on and an ever-growing list of suggestions.

My focus over the next month is hopefully going to shift out of as much reactive bugfixing as the MUD stability has improved and I don’t think we have many SUPER critical bugs left, and into content creation again. This will give you all more things to do in game and keep the interest levels high.

So once again I wanted to thank everybody for their support and hitting this super awesome milestone! Thanks!