The Game

LabMUD is a demonstration MUD running on the FutureMUD engine. Its main purpose is to showcase the features of the FutureMUD engine, as well as serve as a platform for bug-fixing, streamlining and balancing new code additions before the engine’s full release. In addition to serving as a demonstration of FutureMUD’s capabilities, it is also a RPI MUD (“roleplay intensive multi-user domain”) in and of itself. It has a unique setting, and a meta-plot narrative. Roleplay is enforced, and character death is permanent.

The Team

Lead Administrator and Builder

WolfsongWolfsong began MUDding in the early 2000s on games such as WoTMUD and Avalon. Shadows of Isildur introduced her to the RPI community, with its promise of classless, levelless gameplay and permadeath. She has built for several MUDs (including Shadows of Isildur and Atonement.) She met Japheth on SOI, and married him in 2012 after moving permanently to Australia.

Senior Administrator and FutureMUD Coder


 Japheth has been MUDding since 1998, starting with Realms of Kaos and then later the Iron Realms games (primarily Aetolia.) He eventually made his way to Shadows of Isildur, became staff and then later became owner when Traithe stepped aside. He is the primary developer of FutureMUD, and occasionally acts as a consultant on MUD problems, particularly of the code variety.

Roleplay Administrator Emeritus

Image result for lil calZauren was taken on as a volunteer administrator shortly after LabMUD’s official launch in April 2017, and he was the primary storyteller for a several month period over this time. Zauren is currently on a leave of absence working on other projects.


Roleplay Administrator

Shane was taken on as a volunteer administrator in August 2017, and he has been the MUD’s primary storyteller in Zauren’s absence, presiding over the long “caretaker period” in Q3 2017.