About FutureMUD

FutureMUD is a game engine for creating MUDs in the style of Roleplay Intensive (RPI) games like Shadows of Isildur, Harshlands, Atonement and Armageddon.


FutureMUD is a C# application that usually runs on the most current version of .NET. It is specifically designed to be compatible with both Windows and Linux.

These are the key technology pieces:

  • C#11 with .NET 7
  • MySQL 5.8 or 8.0
  • Microsoft Entity Framework (for interfacing with the database)
  • Pomelo MySQL Connector (for actually accessing the database)
  • MailKit (for sending emails)
  • OpenAI (for GPT integrations)
  • DSharpPlus (for the Discord Bot)
  • CoreCLR-NCalc (for dynamic formula evaluation)

Current Status

FutureMUD is in release status, having released v1.0 in early 2021 to the public after running on LabMUD since 2016.

The latest version of the engine and related tools is always available at https://www.labmud.com/index.php/futuremud-public-releases/


The engine is fairly customisable by the end user but it is designed to make a certain kind of game. The conventions of the game that FutureMUD is designed to run are assumed to be as follows:

  • Account-based logins with characters tied to accounts
  • Death is permanent (unless otherwise reversed with magic)
  • In-character behaviour is assumed at all times