Roleplay Points

Roleplay Point Guidelines

The Roleplay Point system is designed as a way to recognise players who make an active contribution to the in-character world, as well as rewarding those who take on roles that enrich the experience of the broader community.

Roleplay points are awarded by the decision of administrators at their discretion, but in line with these guidelines. Roleplay points may also be taken away for behaviour not consistent with expectations.

Other than the recognition of your good play, the key benefits of roleplay points are twofold:

  1. Certain character creation picks require a minimum amount of RPP to be unlocked. This is usually because an option requires someone who has demonstrated a certain level of capability or maturity, but may also be used somewhat to gate-keep certain highly desirable options as rewards for that same good play.
  2. Roleplay points impose a cap on the total number of Chargen Points an account can accumulate; so accounts with more roleplay points will have the potential to accrue more of these and therefore unlock more options with a single character (or pick these options more frequently).

As a guideline, we would expect a minimum of one month between each level of award, but may award more frequently than that for what we believe to be exceptional play.

Broadly speaking, these descriptions below describe the kind of behaviour that would warrant a player receiving each of the roleplay point awards:


Players without any roleplay points are unproven, or have proven themselves to be unreliable. The player might still have trouble distinguishing between IC and OOC, may overuse OOC communication in-game, or may largely ignore the RP element of the game in favour of treating the game as something to be “won”.


Players with 1 roleplay point have shown that they understand the key standards of behaviour expected of them and can consistently remain in-character. They make a genuine effort to engage with the game and with other players. This first award is all but guaranteed for players who follow the few rules we have and consistently roleplay; it is expected that all players who can demonstrate these things and maintain a good discplinary record should reach this level within 3 months.


Players with 2 roleplay points have repeatedly and consistently shown that they are a good roleplayer and the world of LabMUD is a little richer for their presence. They clearly and implicitly understand the expectations of behaviour and can be relied on to make good judgement calls. When a gameplay mechanic is at odds with a sensible story outcome, they choose to err on the side of the story outcome. If they do choose to participate in the OOC community, they interact positively with it and are generally well regarded.


Players with 3 roleplay points, in addition to the requirements of the previous levels, have demonstrated that they have the ability to enrich the experience of other players in addition to their own. Whether that be because they have the initiative to start plots, because they take new players under their wing, or even just because they play a particularly compelling villain or foil to other players is unimportant. This kind of player can be trusted with restricted or sensitive content; they can be trusted with limited secret story content and differentiate what one character knew to what another character knew.


Players with 4 roleplay points, in addition to the requirements of the previous levels, are truly exceptional roleplayers. They are the kind of people who leave an impression on everyone they play with. These sorts of players are always chasing the best and most compelling story, and are even willing to sacrifice their own goals if it makes a better tale.


Players with 5 roleplay points, in addition to the requirements of the previous levels, have demonstrated that they have range. This kind of player can be relied upon to play more than one archetype. Leaders, followers, lone-wolves, social characters, combat monsters; they can fit comfortably into at least most of these roles. At this level, they should also have a good understanding of most of the game mechanics across a wide variety of roles and be able to work these into their roleplay, and also be able to instruct others.

RPP 6+

Points beyond the 5th are only awarded at the discretion of the Head Administrator, for truly extraordinary play or long term service to the community.