Server Migration: Yes, the forums look like trash.

This is Wolfsong popping in under the guise of Japheth here just to let everyone know that we recently migrated from a Linux server to a Windows one. It’s dramatically increased the speed of LabMUD, taking the boot time from about 2 minutes 45 seconds to 25 seconds, but the move has broke some stuff – website, forums, etc. We’re in the process of getting everything back to where it should be, though, so don’t stress. The MUD itself should be largely unaffected, but if you notice something, please do let us know via the forums, if you can bring yourself to navigate the forum in its current state.

Now, then, let the rampant speculation about why we’ve moved to a server better capable of handling, say, a released Alpha version of the MUD begin.

LabMUD Server Upgraded

In preparation for going live this month, I have upgraded the server which LabMUD runs on. While the MUD itself actually wasn’t having any difficulty on the old server, the webserver was a bit sluggish. Hopefully the new server will be nice and quick.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all in the Lab very soon.